Hallo. My name is Birgitte, I am living in Denmark.
My purpose with this blog is mainly to show pictures of daily life, seen from a different angle in attempt to catch the atmosphere, contrast or humor that might be. As I hope that both my danish and my english speaking friends will take a look now and then, I have decided to write in english.

In addition, I am looking foreward to get to know people around the world, who likes this way to see daily life too. Feel free to write a note, – it would be nice to have a comment-, and let me have a link to your own blog.

I wish you a happy new year

January 2008


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  1. stphoto on


    You have a wonderful eye and talent. Thank you for sharing it!

  2. giiid on

    Thank you for viewing!

  3. Denise Turner on

    Hello Birgitte!

    I just happened upon your blog and was immediately enraptured. What a wonderful talent you have! The colors are brilliant. Also, Denmark is my absolute favorite country. I haven’t been in a couple of years and really miss it. Seeing these pictures has been good for my soul. 🙂

  4. giiid on

    I couldn’t´t be more happy than knowing that my pictures make you feel well. Thank you very much for the nice compliment. I have seen your blog and made a link to it, it looks very interesting. Have you seen the link to another writer at my blogroll, awalkabout´s weblog?

  5. Nancy "Nipper" Jane on

    Hi Bridgett,

    I have added you to my blogroll as I see you have me. Thank you for the kind comment you let on my site and I too look forward to seeing more of what you have to offer here. I am from the US and have never been to Denmark but if your page is any indication I would very much like to visit. Nipper

  6. nipper45t on

    Hello Birgitte

    Thanks for the add and keep up the good work. Sorry I spelled your name wrong last time I wrote. Nipper Jane

  7. giiid on

    Oh, don’t worry, – We have a saying that says something like “A sweet child have many names”. I don´t mind being related to that 🙂

  8. vinayakam on

    while browsing I entered here..nice photos am impressed.. if u permit me i will display some of ur photos in my blog

  9. giiid on

    Thank you. You are welcome to display some of my photos at your blog. Unfortunately, I can’t read the post as I don´t know the letters, – is it about lyrics?

  10. Ulla Hennig on

    I just came to your blog via “tag surfers” and I like it very much. Maybe you’d like to come and visit mine?

  11. giiid on

    Of course, I will go to your blog right away!

  12. Gaye Johnson on

    Thank you for stopping at my blog today. I am so glad you found it. Now I have found yours and I like your ‘daily life’ pictures. I will visit it often and I will put your blog on my ‘blogroll’ right now.
    Thanks you for the very nice compliments on my pictures too.

  13. giiid on

    I am glad too, that I found your blog, your pictures of the wildlife around you are very interesting. You are at my blogroll now, and I will return to to see more photos from Florida, and read what you write about them. 76 years and just started blogging and photographing, what an energy to live up to, for me and others!

  14. thedailyclick on

    Hello Birgitte! Looks like we were looking at each other’s blogs at the same time 🙂 I found my way over here from Scott’s blog.
    I really enjoy your blog, and will add you to my blogroll as well.
    Denmark is beautiful, I was there in January 1987. I got married in Roskilde (first marriage) and we went to Copenhagen for a day.

  15. giiid on


  16. Anjeanette on

    Hey there. I think you visited my blog from my friend Michaela’s blog today. My family came from Denmark years ago! Fun to see your site. Very nice images.

  17. giiid on

    That was so interesting to read about Solvang . I think I have to send you some “Nisser” at Christmas, it sounds like you really love them :-)How can I post a comment at your blog spot-blog?

  18. filmon tesfaldet on

    hi this what u call rose the best flower in the world i have a gf but she don’t like rose much.

  19. Truels on

    Hej Birgitte
    Dejligt at se din nye flotte blog. Kigger videre en anden dag, har god tid i den kommende tid…………

  20. mehdifodil on

    wouahoww a nice blog full of colors and feelings…

  21. giiid on

    🙂 I am glad you like it.

  22. Deanna on

    Birgitte – I love visiting your blog with your wonderful images and thoughtful musings. I feel a sense of calm as I look at your photographs. Your blog is such a lovely fresh breath of air in what can at times be a very busy and hectic world : – )
    Thank you!

  23. giiid on

    Deanna, that was a wonderful compliment, you make me very glad! This is exactly what I am hoping my blog can do. Thank you. 🙂

  24. Michael Jensen on

    Kære Birgitte!

    Hvor er det her bare flot. Du har nogle rigtig dejlige billeder og jeg bliver helt glad når jeg ser dine flotte naturoptagelser. Ideen med en blog er jo åbenlys!


  25. giiid on

    Tusind tak for de gode ord, Michael. Det glæder mig meget at høre, at billederne kan få det gode humør frem, – endda hos en rigtig fotograf! Håber du gør alvor af at lave en blog, jeg synes også at det er oplagt for dig. Giv mig et tip når det sker.

  26. toboss on

    what a great works and a powerful energy of your life.
    I love to visit your blog to see “your powerful energy”


  27. giiid on

    Thank you so much, toboss! 🙂

  28. […] colorful little birds are actually the Olive-backed Sunbird. My blogfriend Birgitte from Denmark emailed me with a link to the information and the name of these birds. Thanks a lot […]

  29. dinesh1201 on

    Hi Birgitte, A very special thanks to you for showing such a deep concern on mumbai attack. We pray for those innocent and braves who lost their life. And ya you like my blog, its great to know and matters for me. Thanks again for your comment and appreciation.
    I’m surfing yours I found it interesting..Keep up the good work.

  30. yellow6347 on

    I live in United States, Scott Depot, WV and I love your blog. I really appreciate all the advise you have giving me in the last few days.

    I will probably never get to visit Denmark, but your pictures let my mind visit online.

    Merry Christmas!

  31. sumire on

    Dear Birgitte,
    So far, i have so many things to tell you. For exsample, i had surgery on 19 nov. i am having sick leave and enjoying home life!
    i enjoy a lot to visiting your blog. just as other people say, you have the special talent of poetic eyes and senses.
    i like to see back former calenders, how can I visit???
    Keep in touch, Love your Sumire

  32. giiid on

    Dear Sumire.
    I am so glad to hear from you, though worried about your health, and I will write you an email right away.

    To see previous pages, you can use the archive, I have moved it to the top of the page now.
    This post from May was made specialy for you:

    You are always in my mind. Love, Birgitte

  33. Matthew Willemsen on

    I am a student at Guthlaxton College in England and I am currently trying to complete my I.C.T assignment. After looking on the internet I found the picture of the rose above. I would like to use this in my assignment. Is this alright with you? Please email back with your reply. Thanks in advance.
    Matthew Willemsen

  34. giiid on

    Hi Matthew. A mail is on its way to you. 🙂

  35. Saint Jonny on

    I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog Birgitte. I did a Fine Art Degree specialising in photography, and I think your work is excellent. Please keep up the good work, it brings awe to my days!

    Interestingly, Matthew who previously put a comment, goes to Guthlaxton College, which is the college I was supposed to go to! I went to another one because they offered a course in photography. In fact my sister is currently at Guthlaxton! What a small world.

  36. giiid on

    You are right, Jonny, sometimes it is a small world. Thank you for your kind words about my photos. Do you make art og any kind now?

  37. Saint Jonny on

    Yeah but not nearly as much as I’d like to. I’m dipping back into painting somewhat.

  38. deirdrea on

    Thanks for your comment, Birgitte, and a very happy St. Patrick’s Day to you, too! (I think you should have your own private celebration, even if people in Denmark don’t usually celebrate the holiday!)

  39. giiid on

    Good idea! I will join this tradition, and make a nice St. Patrics dinner for my family tonight. 🙂

  40. WildBlack on

    Nice to meet you Birgitte. Good to meet people around the globe with same interest and different things to share. I love life reflections too.


  41. giiid on

    I have seen your blog, you are a great photographer! I have made a link on my blogroll immediately.

  42. WildBlack on

    Thanks a million! For the inspiring words and your support! And for adding me into your blogroll. 😀 I dont really have an answer at the moment for your question. But on that note I can say one thing..When we love what we do, then it usually comes off real good! I love photography and My camera. 😀
    I’ll keep in touch.
    Take care.

  43. Shux on

    Hello from 6789!!!

    beautiful blog you have there. I heard Denmark is a wonderful place. There are a lot of beautiful designs coming out from your country. Really would like to visit there one day.

    Greeting from Singapore,
    Best Wishes

    • giiid on

      Hi Shux. Sorry, I haven´t seen your comment before today, it went to the spambox because of the link. Thank you for the compliment, I will send one back, your blog is most entertaining and a pleasure to see. I wonder how you manage to find all these interesting designs. If you ever decide to visit here, you know where to ask for advice.

  44. Shari on

    I am a teacher in Daytona Beaach Florida and I came upon your blog while searching for a picture to represent hope, encouragement and the feeling that ‘yes’ even in these really hard economic times, we can work together to help children. Would it be alright if I use your photo collage “Yes we can” in a PowerPoint presentation I am doing? I will credit your work. I also enjoyed looking at many of your photographs and I hope some day to travel to Denmark – your work is compelling! Thanks.

    • giiid on

      Hi Shari.
      Thank you for asking, and for your kind words about my work. You are very welcome to use the collage in your work with supporting children. I couldn´t think of a better way to use it, and I feel proud to be a tiny part of your Power point presentation.

      As a Florida citizen, I think you better choose summer for a visit! Please let me know if you need any information by then

  45. isathreadsoflife on

    Hello smiling Birgitte 🙂 I should have said much earlier how I enjoy visiting Danemark through your eyes and your talent, your thoughts. The mosaics of your life on your blog always bring inspiration. Thank you for all your share, for your thoughtfulness, your cheerfulness, just you !

  46. milkayphoto on

    Hi Birgitte! Came to your blog via Scott Thomas. Lovely photos! You have a fine eye for details, composition and color. Looks pretty snowy and cold in Denmark as it is here in Massashusetts, USA! Keep shooting! 🙂

    • giiid on

      Thank you for your nice comment. Scotts blog has become a good place to meet new photographers. I´ve just seen your blog, and enjoyed your beautiful photos.

  47. pastorlion on

    those photos are superb, the view is another way to be with nature and experience the beauty of God’s creation.

  48. kiwidutch on

    Hi Birgitte,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and wow I am very impressed with yours! I love your photos and your mix of Danish life, food and travel, Brilliant!
    Himself is already a fan of Danish beer so we already have plans to visit Denmark one day (when Little Mr. is slightly older so that the long car trip with two kids is less fraught) You photos only confirm our wish… Denmark looks stunning!
    Like you I love meeting people from all around the world, and people who drop into my blog have given me some amazing insight into how other people live, new recipes and doubled my “must travel to” wish list LOL.
    You have an excellent blog and I will be back! Thanks!!!

  49. cindydyer on


    Since you have been following my blog and been a blogging friend since Day 1, I would love to create a necklace for you as a gift. Take a look at the necklaces I’ve made in the links below and if there’s one you like best (color, style, etc.), I’ll try to recreate it as closely as I can (depending on what beads I still have in a particular style). You can e-mail me your mailing address and I’ll send it to you when I’m done! My preference for the wire color is the non-tarnish silver, but if you like the brown, bronze or rosy gold color better, I can do those as well—not everyone likes wearing silver over gold or a more earthy color. I have beads in virtually every color—but a lot of blues/greens/ocean-inspired colors. Just let me know—I’d love to create one for you!

  50. cindydyer on

    Oh, forgot—my e-mail address is dyerdesign x aol . com

    • Giiid on

      Thank you Cindy. I have it in my system now. I suppose you would like me to hide it, to avoid spam?

  51. Reggie on

    Dear Birgitte –

    I believe it is your birthday today? If I got the date correct, I would like to wish you a Wonderful Happy Birthday! I hope that you are celebrating your special day with all your best friends and loved ones, and that it is a beautiful day outside with the perfect weather to have a magical adventure.

    May the next year of your life be filled with cheerful memories.

    Love and hugs from South Africa,

    • Giiid on

      Hi Reggie, how sweet of you to remember me, thank you so much. You were almost right about the date, it is xxx. Never mind that, I am in birthday mood now, I will buy a cake today. 🙂

      • Reggie on

        Giggle, sorry about getting the date of your birthday wrong, Giiid. I have immediately changed it on my calendar. But I hope you had a lovely birthday (in July) nonetheless, and that the cake was simply scrumptious. 🙂

  52. Christine on

    First of all, thank you for following my blog. I’ve been looking at your photos and you’re great! I will come back and visit often, take care!

    • Giiid on

      Thank you, Christine. 🙂

  53. Lonely Daffodil on

    I thought the colors on your photos are amazing, which I had never experienced in my life. The color itself and the combination of the colors are something I will need to experience in Denmark some day 🙂 Beautiful and impressive!

    • Giiid on

      Thank you very much, I am glad to hear that the colors are “speaking” to you. 🙂

  54. Dina on

    Happy Holidays!

    God jul og godt nytt är.

    • Giiid on

      Thank you Dina, and a Glædelig jul og godt nytår to you and your family. Thank you for visiting my blog. 🙂

  55. Lonely Daffodil on

    I wish you a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for sharing beautiful photos, Dina 🙂

    • Giiid on

      Thank you and Merry Christmas and Happy holiday to you too.

      Please update your “Gravatar” and blog link back, because it is not possible to reach your blog from any of your links so far. You can do it in settings, by writing the blogname when asked for your “website” 🙂

  56. Pia Cornelius on

    Dear Birgitte,

    I love your photos / your blog. You are a very talented person – with a BIG WARM HEART.
    Pia – Bargemon

    • Giiid on

      Thank you so much, Pia. 🙂

  57. emeraldwake on

    Perfect blog,nice to be here ,i saw,i was impressed , take care,Regards from Poland ,EM

    • Giiid on

      Thank you very much to a very talented artist!

  58. Yuri Kuroda on

    Hello, My name is Yuri, living in Tokyo Japan.
    I am a writer of Nordic Festival in Tokyo. I write an article about christmas in nordic countries in our festival original guidebook.
    That is a kind of freepaper which is going to be distributed all through Japan.

    if you don’t mind, could you let us use your christmas photo on this wonderful blog?
    In the article, Nisse and the culture of Denmark is expected to be introduced.

    I would like you to make a good reply soon.
    I don’t care if it is on e-mail or here.



    • Giiid on

      Thank you Yuri, I have send an email to you.

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