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Some colours


A little snow

100.000 hits

While  writing at my “thank-you-for- all- your- visits-and-much- appreciated- comments” speech I´ll let this  special rose, speak for me.

It says: Thank you!

…..hmnnn…just what I was going to say in my speech, I´ll see if I can find another way to say this, – it might take some time now!

A few cold snapshots

Nothing much to catch these days, with almost no sun and just a little light. I made these snapshots for you on my shopping tour, though.


While christmas-lunches taken place before christmas mostly are for collegues or friends, (and often a kind of party) they usualy are for families after christmas, the 25th and 26th of december. No matter what, these dishes will always be at the buffet.

Merry Christmas!

December 24 is the big day, starting with the family dinner which in many homes are; roasted pork with crackling (mostly causing a little friendly fight, as there often are too little), red cabbage, sugar-browned potatoes,- and as dessert  a “ris a la mande” (rice boiled in milk with salt, then added whipped cream, sugar, vanilla,- and  a lot of chopped almonds, except for ONE whole almond. The finder of this one will recieve the “Almond-present”. After this dinner, the compulsory walk around the nice decorated tree, singing psalms and songs,- and then the big moment for all kids,- the gifts. Time for coffe and biscuits for the exhausted grown ups, wich now finaly get a chance to talk together, before they start trying to find out which gifts belong to whom, before everything is packed down and brought to the cars. Merry Christmas to everyone 🙂

23 december

In the city LYNGBY – about 10 km from Copenhagen-, they have managed to preserve some of the old houses, restore them and let the cosy village atmosphere stay alive. This part of the city is called the “Farmer-city”.

Christmas is near, and the left over NISSER for sale…normal price 89.95, now only 10.- ….poor nisse!


I wonder if you are recieving tons of circulars every week (all year) like we do? This circulars are delivered in bundles by young people, who patiently walks from house to house with whatever they have found to carry the heavy stuff  in. A pram, pushchair, handcart…

After some time, one will begin to think about how to get around in the house without having to face colorfull offers constantly. This problem are solved by joining the free municipal collecting of old newspapers and circulars, comming around every 14 day.

All in all, it seems that this circulars keep the wheels going on in many ways. To me, there are a money saving effect too, because of the time that pass from finding the great offer in a circular till I finaly get to the shop. Either it is too late or I have changed my mind, after having had a great time imagining me to be owner of another unneccesary thingamabob. (What a fun word, hopefully understandable.)

Earth hour in Copenhagen

Between 7 pm and 8 pm today, (some of) the light in Copenhagen will be closed, as a contribute to the COP 15 meeting,  which is going on these days, with participants from 193 different countries. Denmark has never had a big meeting like this before, and I think every citizen are affected in one way or another.