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Fun with flowers

tulip 2

tulip 1

tulip 3

tulip 5

tulip 4 

When the lovely flowers you got from a dear person  start withering, don’t be sorry and especially don’t throw them away. Move the vase to a calm place instead, where the flowers undisturbed can unfold their drama, without risking that your visitors will get worried, about your apparently lost energy. The changes are both very interesting and – very photogenic. Let the sun shine through the petals, and enjoy the sight. Lately I found myself receiving a lovely bouquet of tulips, thinking “they will look beautiful…when they start withering.” Of course I enjoyed them as fresh flowers first, the withering fun started one week later, and it was fun – as you can see at the photos.



Black and white

black and white stribes

black and white leave kopi

light and shadow 20

light and shadow black and white kopi

black and white garlic kopi

The subject for this assignment was “Black and white photography”, – a challenge for a color-consumer like me. On the other hand; between white and black are the gray scale with all its tones that let us “read” any shape, just by looking at it. I have been searching my house for subjects to illustrate this, and here is the result. For the 24th time, thank you to Scott Thomas who spend time making these photo get togethers. I will look forward to the grand 25th assignment.

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Happy birthday Sumire


A rose for my dear friend Sumire, wishing her a happy Japanese birthday.

Easter Lilly

easterlilly macro

In 2 weeks it is Easter, starting Palm Sunday March 24 2013. Easter Lilies are for sale in almost every grocery stores these days.


snowdrop comming through

It´s good to know that signs of spring are coming through no matter what.



ice pattern
After a warm day, the weather will change back to normal, cold wind and frost this weekend. But is IS spring…



My cat friend

a cat in the garden

Today has been a relatively warm day, for a change, it will be cold again soon. I went out to work a bit in the garden, and as soon as I started to remove dry leaves with the rake,  my cat friend appeared and was ready to continue playing, just as we did in autumn. When we didn´t play, it just lay beside me and enjoyed the warm sun. I suppose we are true friends now.

February collage

February collage

Finally, February has come to an end. Tomorrow is the first day of spring in Denmark, it´s still very cold – but it is spring. The calender say so, and I´m not going to argue against that. Thank you for visiting the blog this month, for the encouraging comments, and for the “likes”, which I like too.  I hope you were inspired in one way or another.

February inspiration 26

full moon february 2013

Full moon tonight, – a very inspiring sight.