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Summer in Denmark

This is how a Danish summer garden should look, – and it sometimes does.

This is how a Danish summer garden should not look, – but it does.




Tired peony

What a party it must have been. Here is how Miss Peony looked before the ball:



Valdemar´s day

danish flag at blue sky on Valdemar´s day

Today is “Valdemar´s day”, one of our official flag-days. Valdemar was King in Denmark from 1202-1248.  At a big battle in Estonia, the flag came from the sky out of nothing, and helped the Danes to victory.

Wikipedia : The red banner with a white cross (Danish:Dannebrog) has been the national flag of the Danes since 1219. It is Europe’s oldest flag design still in modern use. 

 Today is Valdemars day, and my late mothers birthday.

Rain in june

rain in june  

June colour mosaic

Tidsel midsummerday sankt hans  
cloudes behind bars 2  Cloudes behind bars 
red rose    
 sankt Hans Gear wheel

Much courted



Pictures from Denmark (5)

Gilleleje Denmark Gilleleje Denmark Gilleleje Denmark 

This pictures are from the small village Gilleleje, on the top of Zealand.


Pictures from Denmark (4)

 rain 27.6.08 Rain

This pictures of todays rainy weather, are from a town called Lyngby, close to Copenhagen.

studenter students

End-of-term celebration; all schools are closed the next 7 weeks.
Tradition: The students who have finished 3 years of gymnasium education (upper secondary school or senior high school), are celebrating  their freedom from the top of old cars, drinking beer, singing and waving. At the back of the car is written how other cardrivers can communicate with them: 1toot :cheers, 2 toots: bottom up 3 toots: Flash. They are going to visit their families, one by one, having a little drink at every place. The family at the end of the list, will have some very loud visitors!

More photos at the newspaper “Berlingske tidende” 

Rain station

train station Denmark

train Denmark