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December 23


December 18

December 14

Red onions

løgskaller 3 red onions in water

løgskaller red onions in water B

December 16


Christmas Sweets. Made out of marzipan, nougat, dates, covered with chocolate coating. Look for inspiration here. 

December 11

Danish sild Herring2

Danish sild herring

Danish sild Herring 1

Today is one of the big days for the traditional “Christmas lunch”, which not necessarily is a lunch, but absolutely supposed to be a fun and happy party. All companies are having a “Christmas lunch” in December. Family lunches and those made for friends will be in the week ends. If the menu is a Danish lunch with ryebread, there will be at least 3 kind of herring, for a start.

December 7

Danish cookies jødekager 2

Danish cookies jødekager

Christmas cookies – Jødekager, taste delicious. I used my own old recipe, but you can find a very nice one in english at My Danish Kitchen

December 4

vanillekrans danish vanilla bisquit

Vanille kranse. One of the old Danish Christmas cookie, tasting really good. If you want to try making them, there is a recipe in english here.