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Red onions

løgskaller 3 red onions in water

løgskaller red onions in water B


December 16


Christmas Sweets. Made out of marzipan, nougat, dates, covered with chocolate coating. Look for inspiration here. 

December 11

Danish sild Herring2

Danish sild herring

Danish sild Herring 1

Today is one of the big days for the traditional “Christmas lunch”, which not necessarily is a lunch, but absolutely supposed to be a fun and happy party. All companies are having a “Christmas lunch” in December. Family lunches and those made for friends will be in the week ends. If the menu is a Danish lunch with ryebread, there will be at least 3 kind of herring, for a start.

December 7

Danish cookies jødekager 2

Danish cookies jødekager

Christmas cookies – Jødekager, taste delicious. I used my own old recipe, but you can find a very nice one in english at My Danish Kitchen

December 4

vanillekrans danish vanilla bisquit

Vanille kranse. One of the old Danish Christmas cookie, tasting really good. If you want to try making them, there is a recipe in english here.




apples from the garden

Autumn apples

autumn apples kopi

Red onion

red onion with sprouts

January is a very dark month in Denmark. Rain, wind, snow, and often a gray sky – what a relief to find an onion who doesn’t care about all that, busy as it is with producing new sprouts. Spring seems to be somewhere, though still far away to the human eye.