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cold vase

Flowers from a vase, placed behind the removable windows.


Ice-cold reflections

frosen water tarding



brown frosty leaf tarding

Little cold leaf




Ice pattern in february kopi

Despite all the small yellow flowers, nights are still cold with frost, and sometimes the wheelbarrow – which is full of withered things from the garden – delivers the most interesting little piece of art.

Winter aconite

erantis 2016 kopi

The first small flowers to see, as winter slowly comes to an end, is the Danish variant of Winter Aconite, Eranthis hyemalis


ice and a leave kopi

Cold days are back. So are the possibilities to find interesting subjects.


frost and leaves

It is December, winter, and yet almost surprising to see frost on leaves. Climate Change.

December 6

julebog om nisser

The story about nisser are kept alive in many ways, by word of mouth or as here, by stories told in books. Nisser are popular and welcome, but only in December and until Christmas – December 24.