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Assignment photos

samos 2samos 1samos 3samos 5samos 4samos 6 

It is Christmas, and I have started my Christmas calendar – but, it is also deadline for the newest assignment from Scott Thomas, with the subject: Vacation photos. Since I haven´t any fresh vacation photos, I have decided to show you some older from a trip to the wonderful Greek island Samos. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy a Greek island one day, I am sure you never will regret it.

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Vacation- new assignment

vacation swanes

Once again Scott Thomas are hosting a photo assignment.
This time the subject is “Vacation”. Don´t miss this chance to get an audience for your vacation photos. 🙂
Go to Scott´s blog and read about how to do. Deadline is December 4.

Rain, rain and more rain

november street

No sun for the next 10 days, said the meteorologist this morning… he´s not popular!

november road 700X453

Eveninglight at boats

eveninglight at boats

“Can I borrow your camera for a moment” my son (17) asked some days ago….a little later he came back with the most amazing photos.
Next time it´s me asking “Would you like to borrow my camera?” I want to see more!

After the rain



I love being close to the sea, (or inlet as this is) because of the constant changes in how everything looks, depending of how the the weather is. Every change has its own charm.

Summer cloudes

cloudes 1

Wonderful darkness


One of the things I enjoy by staying here, is the absolute darkness at night. This has become a rare experience to get despite how basic it is. I am glad to have some men around me, to defend us against imaginary ghost, though.



My son took this photo yesterday, while I had conquered the internet modem.