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December 24

Christmas eve

Finally, Christmas eve with dinner, dancing and singing around the tree, and then all gifts. Merry Christmas.


December 23

Christmas candy house

December 22


Kravlenisser, paper elves, to place around in the house.

december 21

nisse resting 2 b

December 20

Christmas tree special

I told you not to be late about buying a Christmas tree…!

December 18


Not to forget a Christmas sheaf for the birds.

December 17

risengrød danish rice pudding

Risengrød – ricepudding, porridge made out of rice, sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, with a knob of butter in the middle. This is food for nisser, and almost every child, and a lot of grown ups. According to the Christmas tradition of nisser, it is important to place a bowl with risengrød on the loft, where the nisser lives. We still do that, just in case. Everyone knows how much confusion an angry nisse can create.


Recipe in english here

December 16


Christmas Sweets. Made out of marzipan, nougat, dates, covered with chocolate coating. Look for inspiration here. 

December 15

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