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December 19


December 19 already, soon it is  Christmas and at the same time end of the ÆBLESKIVE  / “apple slice”-season. We better have some in time.

Want to see the apple slice pan ?


December 18


Every city square has its own Christmas Tree.

December 16

nisser med lys

This sunday is the third of the four sundays in advent. Today’s light is carried by two nisser.

December 15

for the birds

For the birds. (Or are they perhaps nisser too?)

December 13

Nisse hide

I was a little puzzled by these animal tracks, it looks like if a small animal has come out from his hiding place, found out it was too cold and then hurried back. As I have told before, Nisser can change into an animal, so this is probably a Nisse hide, – or what do you think it is?

Today is Saint Lucy day, more about that at My Daily Denmark.

December 12

3 nisser

Nisse dolls in the nisse village are being studied by a girl. Or is it opposite?

December 11

December evening

It´s still getting darker, sunset today was 3.34pm. A perfect time for “hygge”.

December 6

snow birds

A creature has been sneaking around the house. It is well known that Nisser can appear disguised as animals, so even if we can agree that this looks like birds footsteps ( …) it actually could be a nisse,I can´t be sure. I better make more rice pudding for him. Beside this, I think this looks like a screenprint of the webpage – which shows airplanes in route. A very interesting page, I recommend you to take a look, in case you like airplanes too. Sorry Nisse.

More about Danish Christmas at “My daily Denmark”

December 2


Already behind schedule, – we forgot to lit the Christmas countdown candle yesterday, so today has to be a double session.

Candles with print were sold for the first time in 1942, before that time, people used to draw 24 lines on a white candle, – or light a little candle every day, to count the days till Christmas eve.

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