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Tulips at spring

Tulips at spring


Easter Lilly

easterlilly macro

In 2 weeks it is Easter, starting Palm Sunday March 24 2013. Easter Lilies are for sale in almost every grocery stores these days.

February inspiration 27

winter aconite


and the weather right now….




My contribution to Scott Thomas´assignment 16, Best photos of 2011, are examples of what I consider as the most important factor while trying to make good photos, light. Being aware of light of shadows is both fun and very interesting. Slowly one finds pattern and contrast in every corner.

I can´t say these are my best photos, (that would no doubt be my portraits, which I unfortunately can´t show here) choosing them would depend on more demands, but these photos have one thing in common, they all are a result of playing with light. Thank you once again Scott, for making your assignments, this was a good exercise.


Would you like to show some photos from your hometown? Scott Thomas invites everyone to join his next assignment:  Hometown history. It is interesting to learn about  and see new places from all around the world, I hope there will be many participators. Just post the photos on your own blog, and post a link to it at Scotts. That´s all.

Some yellow glimpse