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Home sweet home




Frost and leaves

frost and leaves 2

A hostess gift

urtepotte hostess gift
I like my little hostess gift, a chrysanthemum to look at while waiting for the outdoor plants to wake up.

Snow on red

snow on red kopi

December 1

Christmas heart 13

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the blogging spirit, – I have learned that from my 6 years of blogging. Posts should generate energy and good feelings to the readers, and that demands a meaningful message. Sometimes ideas hang on trees, but not always – and when they don´t, it can be difficult to find a good subject to blog about. After some time without blogging, it becomes really difficult. The bad circles have started.
Luckily I don´t have any problem with finding a meaningful subject this time, even I haven´t been blogging much lately. Christmas is near, and my Christmas calender ready to show you a bit about Danish Christmas traditions, from now on until the 24th, which are the day we celebrate Christmas in Denmark, – with dinner and presents . I wish you a good month.

Join the assignment

black and white pattern kopi

The subject for the 24th assignment is “Black and white photography”, the deadline is March 20, and the place for posting your photo(s) is at your own blog. To join the assignment (and to enjoy the other participants photos, comments, feedback and final words from Scott Thomas) – just post a link to your site here at Scott Thomas blog.


snowdrop comming through

It´s good to know that signs of spring are coming through no matter what.