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Happy birthday Sumire


A rose for my dear friend Sumire, wishing her a happy Japanese birthday.


snowdrop comming through

It´s good to know that signs of spring are coming through no matter what.

February inspiration 24

gardentools in snow

February is getting close to an end, and I´m close to run out of inspiration, March better come with a load of good stuff.

February inspiration 11

snow kopi.and light

Assignment 23 Winter in Denmark


footprints in snow

plant with snow




red light

street with snow


Winter in Denmark, sometimes bright with beautiful sunrises and tracks in the snow, sometimes just dark and cold, and a longing for being able to start gardening again. We have to wait at least some months before that will be possible.
This post is my contribution to Scott Thomas assignment 23, “Winter”.



birds at grey sky

Rav Amber kopi

January is usually dark and cold, and the month contains an endless number of days. According to the calender 31, but I´m not sure that is correct. One good thing about this time of year though, is the possibility to find amber along the west coast of Jutland. Amber will be washed up on the beach with the big waves at wintertime.

December 11

December evening

It´s still getting darker, sunset today was 3.34pm. A perfect time for “hygge”.

December 9

christmastree for sale

“Christmas trees for sale”. I suspect this tree to work on getting more space to it self.

Summer part 2, July

The weather in July can change from cold to warm as the wind blows, so to say. Because of the cold June, we didn´t expect much of a beach party in July, and was prepared for creative activities, as seen at the ipad / camera photo. As the day passed, the weather changed and suddenly the sun was shining and all kind of water equipment was taken to the beach. Nothing last for ever, nor does the good weather, but we were more than thankful for the warm days we got on our holiday in Jutland.