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Does it rain at Vanuatu?

Maybe you have noticed the flagcounter I have on this blog? Some time ago, I saw it on  Nivins blog Wollreflections, and thought it might be fun to have one myself. I installed it, (no problem) and found out that it is not only fun, but  educational too, because every flag has a link to a very informative page about everything that can be told about that country/state/place.

Today I learned about the Republic of Vanuatu. Did you know about this lovely island…? I´m just wondering why anyone at Vanuatu spend time in front of a computer, having paradise outside…comming to think of laptops,  they can be used under palm trees too, I suppose. 
Well, I will take a walk in the rain, and think about Vanuatu.




Rain in august

rain in august

Good morning


I woke up early. The sunrise made me go to the beach, trying to catch some of it with my camera.



Living close to the sea must be wonderful, every day a new combinations of cloudes, colors, wawes…We love returning to this place every summer.

Eveninglight at boats

eveninglight at boats

“Can I borrow your camera for a moment” my son (17) asked some days ago….a little later he came back with the most amazing photos.
Next time it´s me asking “Would you like to borrow my camera?” I want to see more!

After the rain



I love being close to the sea, (or inlet as this is) because of the constant changes in how everything looks, depending of how the the weather is. Every change has its own charm.

Summer cloudes

cloudes 1



Wonderful nature and fresh air, -but only one mobile internetmodem…! I´ll see what I can do.

Tree trunk or…

man with a cigar
I wonder if your imagination shows you the same picture as  I am seeing?
A one-eyed man smoking a cigar.