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Leaves and water

octoberleaves in water kopi

On board

on board kopi

“Forget me not”

wet flowers kopi

Forglem mig ej / forget me not. Such a tiny and sweet little flower, with a strong and heartfelt request.

Light and shadow # 5

water 1

Number 5 of 25 photos with shadows and light, which I have decided to make in honor of Scott Thomas great work with making assignment after assignment for any blogger who´d like to join, until now he has made 25.




My contribution to Scott Thomas´assignment 16, Best photos of 2011, are examples of what I consider as the most important factor while trying to make good photos, light. Being aware of light of shadows is both fun and very interesting. Slowly one finds pattern and contrast in every corner.

I can´t say these are my best photos, (that would no doubt be my portraits, which I unfortunately can´t show here) choosing them would depend on more demands, but these photos have one thing in common, they all are a result of playing with light. Thank you once again Scott, for making your assignments, this was a good exercise.

Summer in Denmark

This is how a Danish summer garden should look, – and it sometimes does.

This is how a Danish summer garden should not look, – but it does.



Water 2

water reflection

Another contribution to Scotts assignment “Water” : Reflections, captured with a mobile phone,  by my sister Tone.


My contribution to Scott Thomas assignment “WATER ”  will be this photo, taken today on our drive along the coast line of Zealand. This water, Øresund / Østersøen (the Easten lake – even it is not a lake), seperate Denmark from Sweden, -our hereditary enemy when it comes to football.  There has of course been many wars between our two countries, land and jewellery has changed hands,  and stories of the enemies brutality has provided stories that can be told forever.

The “Eternal peace” between our countries was signed in 1658, after the Swedish army had been able to march directly to Denmark, because of very hard frost.  Thick enough to carry an army.  As the winner of the war, Sweden got these areas : Skåne  Halland and Blekinge, -a fact that surprisingly still seems to annoy some.
All this happened 350 years ago, and have been celebrated with exibitions made by Swedish and Danish museums.

We do like the swedes a lot now days, and respect their well-developed society. Actually we have made a bridge to Sweden.  Apparently we can´t stop them anyway.

Scott Thomas invite everyone to join the assignment, you are welcome, too.