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Summer it was, autumn it is

According to the Danish calender system, three months of summer has ended and autumn started, September 1.

I haven´t really been blogging much this summer, though  thinking of doing so almost daily. I hope my little summer resume will convince you about my pleasure of being a part of this “reading and writing community”, which are so inspiring. Thank you for all your good blog posts made with heart and soul, I am always excited to see them, and well entertained while  studying them. Now, back to work.

How was summer actually this year?

In the beginning  very rainy.

And windy. The sailors enjoyed that.

A  warm evening, – has summer arrived?

No, not yet. No summer ahead, just the sight of Sweden.

Then suddenly the heat and a very strong sun broke through. Protection was needed.

But only for a short time, then everything went normal again.

Typical summer lunch can be comforting,  served with a cold beer. And a sweater.

The happiness of having finished 13 years of school are not affected by any type of  weather. In the end of June, yelling and singing can be heard all over the city, when graduates are driving from house to house, to visit their families.

June 23, Sankt Hans aften (“St. John’s Eve”) still chilly.

Evening walk at the beach in the end of June.  Not particularly crowded. Would all summer be like this? It seemed so. Many people lost their patience, packed their suitcases, and travelled to the south of Europe.

Not me, I was going to Jutland, wearing sweater and rubber boots. (There has to be just a few people left in the Country, in case something happens.) But that was in July, the second summer month. I´ll tell you about this in my next post. For now I´ll end the story of June, the first and very wet summer month.

December 10

The walking street (Strøget) in the center of Copenhagen.



My contribution to Scott Thomas assignment “WATER ”  will be this photo, taken today on our drive along the coast line of Zealand. This water, Øresund / Østersøen (the Easten lake – even it is not a lake), seperate Denmark from Sweden, -our hereditary enemy when it comes to football.  There has of course been many wars between our two countries, land and jewellery has changed hands,  and stories of the enemies brutality has provided stories that can be told forever.

The “Eternal peace” between our countries was signed in 1658, after the Swedish army had been able to march directly to Denmark, because of very hard frost.  Thick enough to carry an army.  As the winner of the war, Sweden got these areas : Skåne  Halland and Blekinge, -a fact that surprisingly still seems to annoy some.
All this happened 350 years ago, and have been celebrated with exibitions made by Swedish and Danish museums.

We do like the swedes a lot now days, and respect their well-developed society. Actually we have made a bridge to Sweden.  Apparently we can´t stop them anyway.

Scott Thomas invite everyone to join the assignment, you are welcome, too.

5 hours

obama in copenhagen

A short 5 hours Copenhagen-visit of a busy American President,  made the day for many Danes. Both of our big TV canals showed news about the visit all day. He is very popular here. I saw it all 🙂



I love being close to the sea, (or inlet as this is) because of the constant changes in how everything looks, depending of how the the weather is. Every change has its own charm.

Summer cloudes

cloudes 1

Wonderful darkness


One of the things I enjoy by staying here, is the absolute darkness at night. This has become a rare experience to get despite how basic it is. I am glad to have some men around me, to defend us against imaginary ghost, though.



My son took this photo yesterday, while I had conquered the internet modem.



Wonderful nature and fresh air, -but only one mobile internetmodem…! I´ll see what I can do.