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December 2


It might sound a bit strange, but one need clay to improve the Christmas Spirit. I guess December is the best month for selling clay.


December 23


One day left, and all the nisser will disappear…


December 22




A very practical tool in December, the ÆBLESKIVE-PANDE “apple slice pan”. For the rest of the year, a bit of a “dust collector”. Never the less, it is a normal thing to have in the kitchen.

December 20

Christmas heart 13

nisse with oranges 480X479

lyskrans 2

December 18

Marcipan Denmark

December 17

nisse resting

December 16

2017-12-16 14.57.32

2017-12-16 14.56.05

2017-12-16 15.04.36

“Gløgg og æbleskiver” – warm red wine with spices and “apple slices” (Pancake Puffs / danish donuts / or whatever they have been named), served at the local mall today. Very tasty.

December 15


Danish Christmas ornament

2017-11-28 10.59.14

December 14

2017-12-14 17.43.50

2017-12-14 17.54.17