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Spøttrup castle

Tracy, Reggie and every other princess or prince of mind around the blogsphere, let me and my handsome knight show you the medieval castle Spøttrup in Denmark.

Did you like it? To be honest, I didn´t mind to go back to reality, after a very interesting tour around the castle.  It is after all difficult if not impossible to feel how it must have been to live under such circumstances, without all the modern facilities we take for granted, heating for instance. Or a bathroom…medical care and what about blogging…no, all we can do is try to imagine, so that´s what we did.

December 12

Yesterday, we passed the royal palaces, on our way to the church concert. Just as we reached the square, “Amalienborg slotsplads” where the queen and her family are living, the clock was 12, and the soldiers came back from their daily walk through the Copenhagen streets, to make changing of the guard.