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December 10


It is possible to visit Tivoli in December, and enjoy it decorated as a Christmas wonderland.

December 15

A very very cold frosty evening in Tivoli. The little shop selling gloves was full of people with blue fingers.

December 2

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My first slide show, inspired  by Gerry. Tivoli in December.


tivoli october

Schools are closed this week.  The october  “Potato” holiday fills every amusement park, cinema and exibition with playfull children and patiently waiting parents. This glimpse is from Tivoli, the concert hall in the background.

Tivoli in may

tivoli maj  
tivioi maj 09  
tivoli veteran tivoli veteran 2
tivoli maj 3 800X571
A nice and sunny day, the perfect weather for a walk in Tivoli.

Tivoli has opened

tivoli-in-spring-3-800x599 tivoli-in-spring-2-800x636 tivoli-in-spring-800x599 tivoli 

Tivoli is open.  In Danish this information is also slang for telling a person, that he has forgotten to close his zipper.

Tivoli history.