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A view (update)

Update 21.7
Scott Thomas made a post with pictures of golden clouds, taken July 17. Perhaps it was the same clouds  as I saw on July 16 (below), on their way to USA. Thank you for the link, Scott.

Eveninglight at boats

eveninglight at boats

“Can I borrow your camera for a moment” my son (17) asked some days ago….a little later he came back with the most amazing photos.
Next time it´s me asking “Would you like to borrow my camera?” I want to see more!

September evening sky


Sundown city



Last night, the sky was very interesting; rain, sun, a rainbow, some lightning and clouds with the most fantastic colours. These pictures were taken from the car,- when running, (don´t worry, my husband took care of the driving) wich made them a little blurred, but I think they can show what I mean anyhow.


No rain tonight…


…made it possible to take a walk.



Let´s go kayaking for an icecream

kajak2.jpg   kajak-1.jpg   kajak.jpg 


kajak4.jpg   kajak5.jpg   kajak6.jpg

Every summer, all the family are going to spend a week or more together, at a summer house in Jytland. The place is close to the inlet “Limfjorden”, a very nice place – as you can see at the pictures. When evening comes, it is time for a walk to the harbor, and an ice-cream. For those who cant get enough of kayaking, why not just stay in the boat until then, and go directly to the harbor.