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Sunshine in a basket

sunshine and shadows

sunshine 3

sunshine and shadows

Poppy in pieces

orange poppy

Tivoli in may

tivoli maj  
tivioi maj 09  
tivoli veteran tivoli veteran 2
tivoli maj 3 800X571
A nice and sunny day, the perfect weather for a walk in Tivoli.

Sunwatch walk

The north of Zealand

This photo was taken at 1 am pm. We are at the top of  Zealand. The country in the horizon is……do you know?————————
Scott Thomas is right, it is Sweden.
Only a few km. away, in the city Helsingør, it is possible to see our neighbour Sweden.

map zealand kronborg

Labour day

Fælledparken, Copenhagen

First of May was celebrated all over the country. This photo is from  “Fælledparken” in Copenhagen.


spring spring

Spring is near :-)





According to the calender, spring is here. I went out to my favorite reflection-bucket, to see if there were any sign of it  from above.

Tulip light


Snow again. I´ll  turn my tulip lamp on.