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Lunchtime with Norton

Tejne 1 800X567

tejne open up 800X692

tejne 800X698

 tejne front 800X783   Tejne lock 800X773

My computer is realy slow now, after having installed a new version of Norton. I can´t help thinking, that this protection is very effective, because it is almost impossible to use the computer.  Just too bad I had to pay for not using it, but I must be glad that it is safe.

Luckily I had something in the DRAFT box. I made this last summer, I wanted to show you an old lunch-box,  a  “Tejne” . My mother gave it to me years ago. She had it as a present from her grandmother, who used it as her lunchbox, when she was young. She was born in 1869. These lunch boxes were ordinary at that time. I don´t know how common they were in other countries?

To make this photo session authentic, I made myself a lunch, wrapped it in paper, and placed it in the tejne, ready to be eaten…in the warm sun…with birds and bees flying around……and the green grass a bit to high as usual.

I suppose I have to say Thank you Norton for this glimpse of summer…


My contribution to Scott Thomas assignment “WATER ”  will be this photo, taken today on our drive along the coast line of Zealand. This water, Øresund / Østersøen (the Easten lake – even it is not a lake), seperate Denmark from Sweden, -our hereditary enemy when it comes to football.  There has of course been many wars between our two countries, land and jewellery has changed hands,  and stories of the enemies brutality has provided stories that can be told forever.

The “Eternal peace” between our countries was signed in 1658, after the Swedish army had been able to march directly to Denmark, because of very hard frost.  Thick enough to carry an army.  As the winner of the war, Sweden got these areas : Skåne  Halland and Blekinge, -a fact that surprisingly still seems to annoy some.
All this happened 350 years ago, and have been celebrated with exibitions made by Swedish and Danish museums.

We do like the swedes a lot now days, and respect their well-developed society. Actually we have made a bridge to Sweden.  Apparently we can´t stop them anyway.

Scott Thomas invite everyone to join the assignment, you are welcome, too.

Graphic autumn

This is not the result of a distracted gardener at work, but a common way to prune some sort of trees.


apples and light 800X719



sunflower 3

sunflower 2     sunflower 4


Autumnal Equinox

september sun 800X769

A glimpse of this morning in the garden, a sunny and warm september day,- not autumn at all . Scott was right, Autumnal Equinox is a good definition to use for this season 🙂

Summer cloudes

cloudes 1



Wonderful nature and fresh air, -but only one mobile internetmodem…! I´ll see what I can do.


rose detalje 700X659
gul staude 700X687