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It´s not autumn yet…

colorful leaf summer

…but it looks like preparations have begun.


Cleaning the garden

red things from the garden kopi


icecream solstang

This is my second photo in the little assignment m joining at Facebook. A very good icecream named: Københavnerstang / Copenhagen rod. The outside is limonade ice, and the inside is  vanilla.. A very delicious icecream

Assignment 25 – Shadows created by sunshine

sunshine pattern on wood

sun at pilows

shadow on steps

What is my passion when it comes to photography? Scott Thomas has invited to join his 25th assignment, asking this question, which wasn´t easy to answer right away. Scott made a post with “some reference links for looking more into this thing called passion” and I was inspired by the article written by Scott Dickerson, who explain how he define the passion in photography. My answer will after reading this be something like “The shadows created by sunlight”. I almost can´t tell how many interesting and fun challenges this subject is given me, – but I will try – by posting 25 examples the next 25 days, – since this is the 25th assignment Scott has made.

Finally, I have a gift for Scott with many thanks for all the fun and good connections you have created.
Happy anniversary.
I hope you will continue this for many years.



(It´s all right to look inside!)


Summer in Denmark

This is how a Danish summer garden should look, – and it sometimes does.

This is how a Danish summer garden should not look, – but it does.




Do you recognize the situation, that the level of ambitions increases similar to the time you have been THINKING of having the work or project done? In the end it is almost impossible to reach such level of quality, and the result is dangerously near to be given up, – which is both annoying and a relief. I must admit that I have been there more than once.

There are probably dozens of methods and good advices about how to avoid this exhausting way of not doing things.  They are more or less just another way to postpone in my opinion, but never mind, I´ll recommend a book written by Robert Maurer, called KAIZEN. In this book he tells about how to overcome  big projects by doing very small steps. I like the small steps a lot!  He explains  that even it has a Japanese name, the idea about the system was originally born in USA.

I can´t tell if I am a good student, but I think it is a good sign that I have decided to make this post with fresh photos from my morning-garden, though I still haven´t answered all the nice comments I got at my previous posts. I´ll be back for this later. This statement is probably not quite the Kaizen style!
Untill then, I´ll thank you here. This might be Kaizen…I must find time to read more in this book… 😉

The summer bouquet

Heather in a vase 2

Jutland has many areas with heather, one of them is the area that we use to go to for holiday. We use to take a small bouquet of heather with us back home and put it in an vase without water, to look at until we are going back next year for a new bouquet. I found a photo of a heat  in Jutland at Wikipedia.

Update:  Wikipedia link about the heat

Rain in august

rain in august