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December 13

lucia p1080325

Today is the day for the singing about  saint “Lucia”.

Leaving leave

blad kopi


græskar kopi


I hope you have had a happy halloween. 🙂

Holiday end

beach and kayak

Holiday season is over, schools have started again and I will continue blogging after a break. July is high season for holiday in Denmark, because schools are closed from late June to start of August. During my vacation, Scott Thomas held his 26 assignment, which I unfortunately was unable to take part in. The subject was “summertime, – pictures which invites to a visit”, so even it is too late to join,  I can´t resist to look in my image folder to see if I can find some which could lead to a visit to Denmark. I´ll post them later.

Hopefully the summer has been good and inspiring for you. I will be looking forward to a new and energetic blogging period.



A stone with shadows

stone with shadows birgitte tarding

Light and shadow # 14

christmas cactus

Light and shadow # 13

green cherri

Light and shadow # 8

tulip in half kopi