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ladybird B Tarding

Looks like we will get good weather again pretty soon.


Sunshine at flowers

sunshine at flowers

In between all the ice and snow photos, it´s good to see colors again.

December 24

Danish christmas tradition

Christmas in Denmark; dinner – pork, duck, goose or turkey, red salad, glazed potatoes, a lot of brown sauce. Dessert – rice pudding containing lots of almonds in pieces and one whole – (the finder receive a gift). Now time for singing Christmas songs and psalms while holding hands and walk around the Christmas tree. Finally the presents from under the tree is given, and the restored peace are celebrated with coffee, candy and something strong in the small glasses.
Merry Christmas!

ps. Photos of the food and links to recipes at my other blog

December 9

nisse with blue hat kopi


autumnleave 14 kopi


icecream solstang

This is my second photo in the little assignment m joining at Facebook. A very good icecream named: Københavnerstang / Copenhagen rod. The outside is limonade ice, and the inside is  vanilla.. A very delicious icecream

A dailylife apple

apple assignment 5 everyday photos

I have been invited to join a little fun assignment on Facebook, which is to post 5 everyday life photos, and at the same time nominate 5 others to do the same. I´m normally not involving myself in such games, but since it is a good opportunity to continue my blogging, I have accepted, and will post this as the first one. Be aware, perhaps you will be nominated next.

Art on the floor

Tulip leaves on the floor kopi

Something is lying on the floor…what is is….oh, it´s a little piece of art.

Tulip leave 14s

December 18

Danish Christmasheart Danish Christmasheart2

Making traditional Christmas hearts (Pleated Christmas hearts) for the tree. They can be filled with candy.