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December 4



We are told that Nisser are friendly and charming little creatures, though the original nisse actually wasn´t that nice. The first story we know of, was told many years ago, – in 981. A farmer had help from a creature which was living in a stone. The farmers son became christian, and he couldn´t accept his fathers believe in such a creature, so he “removed” it in some way. What the creature/nisse did to take revenge, is unknown.
Since then, nisser have been living at the farms, usually helping the farmer. A nisse has the size of a 10 year old boy, and dress like the farmer did in old days, clogs, gray and red clothes, and a hat.
If something happened at the farm that no one could explained, people thought that it was the nisse who had caused it, because he was angry for some reason. An angry nisse can give you many problems. We still explain mysterious things as “Done by a nisse”. A nisse can, by the way, change into an animal, if he finds it useful. You will never know what he is up to, the only thing to do is to treat him well, and give him the rice porridge at Christmas.

The first time nisser was presented as friendly and harmless, made specially for Christmas, was in 1836. An artist made paper clip as imagined nisser in different situations, for decoration at his Christmasparty.


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