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Kings garden

Just a few minutes walk  away from the bike-parking chaos at Nørreport station, there is this big park called “Kongens have”  The kings garden.  A bit of a contrast to the busy life around it. The park is closed in the night, it opens at 7 in the morning, and close depending of the time of year. 5 pm at winter and 10 pm at midsummer. The Kings garden is connected to the little castle Rosenborg. Some of you may have seen photos from this park, here at my blog, many times – I know.

Rosenborg Castle

To crop photos is fun. Most photos can be cropped to tell more than one story. I like to look for and find different stories in my photos. This photo was taken yesterday, when I passed Kings Garden in Copenhagen. I couldn´t help looking for a few stories in it. Rosenborg.