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A rose in a bowl

rose in a bowl kopi


roseleaves kopi


rose 1 tarding

Happy birthday Sumire


A rose for my dear friend Sumire, wishing her a happy Japanese birthday.

Happy valentine´s day 2013

valentine red rose

“Colorful assignment” preparation 5

Another back-lit photo, as preparation for the “Colorful assignment” held by Scott Thomas, who invite everyone to join by posting a colorful photo before November 21 “at home”, and then send a link to it here.


Happy Valentine´s Day

 Sartenada from Finland has kindly send me a “Versatile blog award”. With the award follows some rules; one has to tell 7 things about oneself, and to pass the award to another 15 bloggers. First of all I want to thank Sartenada for thinking of me, that was really very kind, thank you!

I’m not sure I am a good award receiver though, because I´ve never been good at following rules. I´ll blame my creative mind for seeing rules as ideas just waiting to be worked with. That is, some rules of course, there are exceptions! I really appreciate that Sartenada probably have followed every rule, while working with flight security.
Telling about myself would be difficult, and choosing who to give the award even more, because all of you deserve an appreciation for your inspiring blogs and for the many wonderful comments and answers you produce.

Blogging is a great thing. The possibility of exchanging thoughts, fun stuff or strange observations, learning about other cultures and habits, finding out that ones personal eccentricity isn´t that unusual – or that others are just as crazy, is worth all the hours in front of the computer and too little time for exercise. In other words, I´m awarding you all, for also spending too much time in front of your computers, and having too little time for exercise. I love you and I love your blogs.

Happy Valentine´s Day.

100.000 hits

While  writing at my “thank-you-for- all- your- visits-and-much- appreciated- comments” speech I´ll let this  special rose, speak for me.

It says: Thank you!

…..hmnnn…just what I was going to say in my speech, I´ll see if I can find another way to say this, – it might take some time now!