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Summer it was, autumn it is

According to the Danish calender system, three months of summer has ended and autumn started, September 1.

I haven´t really been blogging much this summer, though  thinking of doing so almost daily. I hope my little summer resume will convince you about my pleasure of being a part of this “reading and writing community”, which are so inspiring. Thank you for all your good blog posts made with heart and soul, I am always excited to see them, and well entertained while  studying them. Now, back to work.

How was summer actually this year?

In the beginning  very rainy.

And windy. The sailors enjoyed that.

A  warm evening, – has summer arrived?

No, not yet. No summer ahead, just the sight of Sweden.

Then suddenly the heat and a very strong sun broke through. Protection was needed.

But only for a short time, then everything went normal again.

Typical summer lunch can be comforting,  served with a cold beer. And a sweater.

The happiness of having finished 13 years of school are not affected by any type of  weather. In the end of June, yelling and singing can be heard all over the city, when graduates are driving from house to house, to visit their families.

June 23, Sankt Hans aften (“St. John’s Eve”) still chilly.

Evening walk at the beach in the end of June.  Not particularly crowded. Would all summer be like this? It seemed so. Many people lost their patience, packed their suitcases, and travelled to the south of Europe.

Not me, I was going to Jutland, wearing sweater and rubber boots. (There has to be just a few people left in the Country, in case something happens.) But that was in July, the second summer month. I´ll tell you about this in my next post. For now I´ll end the story of June, the first and very wet summer month.


and the weather right now….


Spring / summer collage

Today is the last day of spring, tomorrow will be the first day of summer, and time for drinking cold white wine under a nice blue sunshade. Spring was very warm with sunny days and temperatures up to 25 degrees, but now when summer arrive,  the charming unpredictable weather has changed and it is reported that June will be cloudy, rainy and cold. 12 – 14 degrees, or perhaps even 15 now and then. A hot rum toddy is probably more appropriate to the weather then, but the sunshade can still be usefull as protection against the rain. Unless the wind blows it away of course. I took a lot of photos at the sunny days of spring, perhaps I should laminate some of them and take them with me under the sunshade, to help getting the right ambience. Summer is comming and the stock of rubber boots in most shops is decreasing. I must go now, to buy some.

Summer in Denmark

This is how a Danish summer garden should look, – and it sometimes does.

This is how a Danish summer garden should not look, – but it does.



My rainy hometown

My intention was to find historical places a sunny day, but reality has often other plans. After a warm period, the weather has changed and is now as unreliable as it use to be. My contribution to Scotts assignment became a stack of wet and blurred photos, taken from the car. While it was running. I suppose you can call them snap shots, at least I was surprised to find some which could be used. I still have plans for going a sunny day, but who knows when that will be…more rain tomorrow. I´ll tell more about the buildings later.

I suppose you have heard about the beer Tuborg?  The old building seen from “Tuborgvej” (Tuborg-street).

We buy a lot of  rainwear in this country. Østerbrogade (East-bridge-street) is from 1647.

Eastport trainstation. (1897)

Near quay Langelinie,  The little mermaid is hiding behind the trees at left.

A short visit  from a giant. “MSC Poesia” at quay Langelinie.

Rain in the city

Wet spring

It is told that the next two-three days will be sunny, with temperatures a little higher than the 12-17C we are having today. Hopefully it won´t cause heatstroke for anyone.  These photos are from the past week.

Please notice that Scott Thomas has made a new assignment, open for everyone.


november collage 1 700X699

Scott  Views Infinitum has made a new assignment, this time the theme is “November”. Please join if you like.

November in Denmark means increasing darkness, bad weather and not many people at the streets. This year, we have had only 3 (three) hours of november-sunshine. My collage is made by photos taken the past days, sorry for the missing optimism. I´ll make a more colorfull as my next post.

I´ve said it before; this kind of weather is a good reason to stay inside and HYGGE, with a lot of christmas cakes and candy. Did I tell you that christmas is here? Well it is – in the shops! And we, -the customers- are easy to persuade buying it all, in the name of  HYGGE. No one can see the extra weight it causes anyway, in these dark months.

Rain, rain and more rain

november street

No sun for the next 10 days, said the meteorologist this morning… he´s not popular!

november road 700X453