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A little (big) something…

Isa told me that she would send me “a little something”.

Having received the parcel, I must say this is a big understatement; Isa has made a very  beautiful quilt collage inspired by one of my collages. Every little square in this quilt is perfectly selected and made to match the images on the photo collage. When I opened the parcel, I saw that immediately, take a look and see what you think.
What a wonderful surprise, thank you so much, Isa.

Some of Isa´s quilts; here another here and one more here


A mosaic of colourful folds

fold1.jpeg fold2.jpeg fold8.jpeg

fold3.jpeg fold9.jpeg fold7.jpeg

fold4.jpeg fold5.jpeg fold6.jpeg

This is a little carpet I have made out of coloured linen. When folding it, new colours are made from the shadows.