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Do you recognize the situation, that the level of ambitions increases similar to the time you have been THINKING of having the work or project done? In the end it is almost impossible to reach such level of quality, and the result is dangerously near to be given up, – which is both annoying and a relief. I must admit that I have been there more than once.

There are probably dozens of methods and good advices about how to avoid this exhausting way of not doing things.  They are more or less just another way to postpone in my opinion, but never mind, I´ll recommend a book written by Robert Maurer, called KAIZEN. In this book he tells about how to overcome  big projects by doing very small steps. I like the small steps a lot!  He explains  that even it has a Japanese name, the idea about the system was originally born in USA.

I can´t tell if I am a good student, but I think it is a good sign that I have decided to make this post with fresh photos from my morning-garden, though I still haven´t answered all the nice comments I got at my previous posts. I´ll be back for this later. This statement is probably not quite the Kaizen style!
Untill then, I´ll thank you here. This might be Kaizen…I must find time to read more in this book… 😉