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and the weather right now….


Tired peony

What a party it must have been. Here is how Miss Peony looked before the ball:



Lovely leaves

I love this plant, Peony, and I´m looking foreward all year to see it in full flower, wich usually is in july. When it´s time is over, I´m trying to keep it a little longer. Unfolding the close to withered flower is almost like recieving a message of love.

Peony – the king is back.


Some months ago, I posted a photo from my archive of a Peony.  One of the comments to that picture, was from the Japanese artist Drue Kataoka, who told me that the Peony is known as “the king of flowers.” I think this title is well deserved, I love this plant, and now that the time has come to enjoy fresh flowers, its clear that it is a king that is back.
I picked the first flowers yesterday, and as I promised in April, I was thinking of the Peony fans that wrote comments back then; Mrs. Uhdd , pbsweeny , Erika , Drue and Melinda . I wish you, and every other Peony-fan, a profusion of kings.