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End of summer

These photos will be my my contribution to Scott Thomas latest assignment, “End of summer”. The summer in Denmark ends in August, but the assignment rules asks for recently taken photos, so I will include this last photo which was taken some days ago, it definitely says “End of summer” to me!

Blue spring flower


My sister gave me this spring flower. At a closer look, it became more interesting, as every little flower seemed to hide a humorous little face. Or perhaps my imagination has a party going on…

Summer in Denmark

This is how a Danish summer garden should look, – and it sometimes does.

This is how a Danish summer garden should not look, – but it does.



Sunday drive

We went for a sunday drive, and as usual I took a lot of photos from the car while my husband were driving. We can´t stop every time I see a motive, so I have developed a routine in taking these car photos: whenever the car stops for red light, or of other reasons, I am ready to shoot. The camera is set for “sport” , wich is exactly how it feels having  to catch the motive so fast. My son has followed me in this, wich means that my husband now has two engaged photographers hanging out of the window every time the car slow down. Many times he try to make it clear, that his job as the driver necessarily must have top priority, but a true photographer are not receptive of that kind of objections, if a motive is in sight.

The other day, the evening sunlight was special, and I wanted to take some photos.  We were driving at a road without any traffic lights. No cars in front were slowing us down. No chance of capturing the warm colors…
I managed to make my husband stop the car, just for a short moment. While I was happily looking for a motive, my husband stood thinking, probably about how long he had to wait for me.

I found my motive.

Happy Valentine´s day

Sunday in town

After a week occupied with taking care of my influenza sick family members, I went to town, hoping that I would meet a Santa Lucia procession somewhere.

 Today, sunday 13 december, most shops were extraordinary open in an attempt to increase their sale. As I expected, some of them had invited Santa Lucia and her procession to come, surely knowing about the side effect of her presence . Beside the photos taken for you, I came home with a few new kitchen gadgets that I hadn´t written at my shopping list.

Outside the shop, the christmas trees are being sold and wrapped into a net. About 3 pm, darkness is just around the corner.

17 pm. and we are ready to go to sleep. Luckily, the shortest day is near, and we can start looking for spring…



Thank you

roseleaves and flowers

Thank you everyone for sending me your birthday-greetings, I have enjoyed receiving all the nice and humorous words. I also enjoyed the comments  I got during my trip to Jutland. That mobile internet-modem that we brought was actually fun to have….when it was available ofcourse. A good motivator to get up early…

Holiday is over, children have started school and their parents have started working again. I´m looking forward to continue blogging, reading your blogs and see your all summerphotos.

I hope you have had a wonderful and refreshing holiday, and feel ready continuing your blogging.

Michael Jackson

American embassy 27.6.09
Flowers in front of the American embassy, Copenhagen afternoon 27.6.2009

flowers in front of the embassy   flowers for Michael Jackson

in honour for Michael jackson
Koncert at CopenhagenTown hall square at 9 pm, in memory of Michael Jackson.

2 minutes of silence
At 11.26 pm. everyone sat down  in silence for 2 minutes.

town hall square Copenhagen
A beautiful night.