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Light and shadow # 2

evening shadows on a road

Black and white

black and white stribes

black and white leave kopi

light and shadow 20

light and shadow black and white kopi

black and white garlic kopi

The subject for this assignment was “Black and white photography”, – a challenge for a color-consumer like me. On the other hand; between white and black are the gray scale with all its tones that let us “read” any shape, just by looking at it. I have been searching my house for subjects to illustrate this, and here is the result. For the 24th time, thank you to Scott Thomas who spend time making these photo get togethers. I will look forward to the grand 25th assignment.

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Join the assignment

black and white pattern kopi

The subject for the 24th assignment is “Black and white photography”, the deadline is March 20, and the place for posting your photo(s) is at your own blog. To join the assignment (and to enjoy the other participants photos, comments, feedback and final words from Scott Thomas) – just post a link to your site here at Scott Thomas blog.


snowdrop comming through

It´s good to know that signs of spring are coming through no matter what.

February inspiration 20

feets 480

February inspiration 13

rødbede spire beetroot

Beetroot announcing spring.

December 18


Every city square has its own Christmas Tree.

December 14


I don´t know this cat, it was suddenly in my garden. Perhaps it is a nisse?

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“Colorful assignment” preparation 4

To add tones and shine to colors, I sometime point my camera directly against the sun, but with the flower or whatever I am photographing in between. The result can be almost a bit dreamy.

If you feel like sharing your colorful photos, why not join the “Colorful assignment”  over at Scott Thomas blog. Only thing you have to do is to post a link to the photo at this page before november 21.