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October leaves in Denmark



This beautiful photo is from my husbands travel to Greenland. I was planning to show it to you today. This morning, the Newspaper headline  was saying:

New satellite data are showing a new record for the melting of the ice cap at north . Researchers estimate that there is a risk of up to two meters sea rise during this century.
Translated with Google translater here )

Airport Manitsoq, Greenland


The weather is not inviting for photo walks today, so instead of showing you a gray rainy day, I want to show more photos from Greenland. This is the small airport at Manitsoq.

Wintertrees festival


The trees are preparing for the great “winter tree” festival, to the delight of my blogfriend Babs and other winter-tree fans. Maantas too, maybe? There are still leaves to see, at most trees, but not for long.  I am ready with the camera!


Gray potato day


Those who went to sunny countries this week made a good choice!

…both man and birds!

A goodnight sky

goodnight goodnight

Denmark, 22.06.2008, at 10 pm.