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Autumn leaves



ice and a leave kopi

Cold days are back. So are the possibilities to find interesting subjects.

Leaves and water

octoberleaves in water kopi


bregne fern


tuliptime smalli

Easter Lilly

easterlilly macro

In 2 weeks it is Easter, starting Palm Sunday March 24 2013. Easter Lilies are for sale in almost every grocery stores these days.

Ordinary inspiration

Sometimes, when it seems like there isn´t anything to take pictures of, it’s time to open ones eyes a little bit more. Here is what I saw a rainy day, while waiting for summer to come:  A melon in a bowl with holes, a folded foil, a little puddle, a cherry stalk  and a pizza bag.

( Still waiting for summer …)

PS. If you need inspiration, take a look at this great blog