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dryed rose kopi


Looking for a warm place

With rain and only 14 degrees day after day, heat becomes more and more interesting.

Archive colours

These photos are not new, but in this never ending white world, colors are now needed more than ever, and I had to go to the archives to find some. An emergency situation.

A wet garden

wet may garden

Deanna Gracie´s beautiful handmade jewellery


I look foreward to showing you this beautiful  jewellery, handmade by Deanna Gracie, New Zealand. Her work have converted me from having no interesse in  jewellery, to be absolutely in love with this wonderful pieces of tribute to nature and life. 
Some of you might have seen her blog, via my blogroll, or maybe her website  If not, I recomend you to take a look. You will find more about Deanna, and the prices there.

Deanna has allowed me to show her photos, and I have made this collage out of a few. Everyone protected by COPYRIGHT Deanna Gracie.



Poppy in pieces

orange poppy

The colors have returned


The weather has changed, and spring is definitely here. Some days with cleaning and digging the garden has given me a new friend, the blackbird, who seems to be realy pleased with my great worm-digging-skills. Actually I am beginning to feel like an employed, when it impatient stare at me, clearly hoping that I will do my worm-finding-job quickly, and then move on to another spot in the garden.

Being the spectator

kayak rull training

I think I can imagine how my blog friend Mrs. Uhdd was feeling, when she wrote about her husband climbing in the mountains.
This photo is showing my husband enjoying himself, practicing kayak rull. In the beginning, I didn´t know that it is possible to remove the “cover” (which prevent water to come in, and therefor are locking you to the kayak) if the turn around doesn´t work.  And it doesn´t  in the beginning…