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Lunchtime with Norton

Tejne 1 800X567

tejne open up 800X692

tejne 800X698

 tejne front 800X783   Tejne lock 800X773

My computer is realy slow now, after having installed a new version of Norton. I can´t help thinking, that this protection is very effective, because it is almost impossible to use the computer.  Just too bad I had to pay for not using it, but I must be glad that it is safe.

Luckily I had something in the DRAFT box. I made this last summer, I wanted to show you an old lunch-box,  a  “Tejne” . My mother gave it to me years ago. She had it as a present from her grandmother, who used it as her lunchbox, when she was young. She was born in 1869. These lunch boxes were ordinary at that time. I don´t know how common they were in other countries?

To make this photo session authentic, I made myself a lunch, wrapped it in paper, and placed it in the tejne, ready to be eaten…in the warm sun…with birds and bees flying around……and the green grass a bit to high as usual.

I suppose I have to say Thank you Norton for this glimpse of summer…