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Dec 5


Time to look at some “Nisser”. They seem to be in good mood, lets hope it will last.

December 15

2015-12-05 16.20.19

December 12

nisser med lys

December 6

julebog om nisser

The story about nisser are kept alive in many ways, by word of mouth or as here, by stories told in books. Nisser are popular and welcome, but only in December and until Christmas – December 24.

December 5

2015-12-04 14.22.52

This photo was taken in a store selling food, and at the moment also cleaning tools – apparently meant for use at the yearly Christmas cleaning. I haven´t seen that kind of special equipment before, but since  I have promised to post lot of nisser, it passes . Perhaps it can add Christmas spirit to the cleaning, who knows.

December 3

nisse with blue hat kopi

The hidden box with all the Christmas decorations and nisser have been found, it will be interesting to see what fun all the small nisser /elves have in mind.

December 17


December 11 – Nisser

nisser med lys

December 2

Danish elves

There are “NISSER” – elves – everywhere.
Some of them are busy making presents, like these two at the photo, but who knows what all the others are up to…making fun with people is a favorite thing to do, we know that for sure.

You can find more information about Danish Christmas traditions at my other blog, mydailydenmark.