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December 12

December 22


Kravlenisser, paper elves, to place around in the house.

December 2

Nisse invasion. They are everywhere, so many in numbers that they already have caused a nisse SALE.  Take 2 nisser and save money. Take no nisse and save more, – that is if you dare to take that risk to insult a nisse. I wouldn´t do it if I were you.


Nisser are presented as a friendly and charming little creature, though the original nisse actually wasn´t that nice. The first story we know about, was told in 981; a farmer had help from a creature, living in a stone. When the farmers son became christian, he wanted the creature to be removed, wich was done with the help from a priest.

Since then nisser have been living at the farms, usualy helping the farmer. Nisser can talk with the animals, he can also take the shape of such, but we know him as A nisse has the size of a 10 year old boy, and dressed like the farmer in old days.

When things happened at the farm that couldn´t be explained, it was clearly a nisse who had done it. Maybe he was angry for some reason. An angry nisse can give you many problems, thats why we have to please him, in december by giving him rise pudding with a big piece of butter in the middle – and cinnamon and sugar on top.

It is still common to express mysterious things as caused by a nisse”.

Friendly nisser made specially for Christmas, and nisser giving gifts, appears in 1836. An artist made paper clip as imagined nisser in different situations, as decoration for his Christmasparty for his artist friends. Today, Nisser is connected to christmas, and we have them everywhere, outside houses, inside houses, as candy, in film, books, clothes,….and now at blogs too.


Nisser is everywhere in December. Here is one of them, resting against a (candle) tree.

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