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December 3

My mothers nisser

Christmas ornaments from the old box in the WordPress cellar.


December 23


One day left, and all the nisser will disappear…


December 20

Christmas heart 13

nisse with oranges 480X479

lyskrans 2

December 19


December 17

nisse resting

December 14

2017-12-14 17.43.50

2017-12-14 17.54.17

December 12

danish elf nisse



December 11

nisser med lys


Dec 18

Are there any Nisser at “Frederiksborg slot” this Christmas?



Nicely placed in the fountain, which for the moment are covered with branches from pine trees instead of water. He has a lamp in his hand, – ready to guide you in the dark. A very friendly Nisse, – but of course, he is living at a castle. Nothing to complain about.

This “Neptun fountain” is by the way a copy, because the original fountain was stolen by Swedish troops in 1659…quite remarkable it is, stealing a fountain of this size. Perhaps this Nisse in reality is more likely a guard nisse…