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Light and shadow

light-and-shadow.jpg light-and-shadow1.jpg

light-and-shadow2.jpg light-and-shadow3.jpg

The sun was shining through the curtains. Because of the wind outside, the shadows changed constantly, and made it all look like a living artwork.

Colorful night-drive


Let´s go kayaking for an icecream

kajak2.jpg   kajak-1.jpg   kajak.jpg 


kajak4.jpg   kajak5.jpg   kajak6.jpg

Every summer, all the family are going to spend a week or more together, at a summer house in Jytland. The place is close to the inlet “Limfjorden”, a very nice place – as you can see at the pictures. When evening comes, it is time for a walk to the harbor, and an ice-cream. For those who cant get enough of kayaking, why not just stay in the boat until then, and go directly to the harbor.

A modern falling star


How nice it would be, to present this photo as a picture of a falling star! Being at the right place in the right moment. Unfortunately it is just the result of an airplane moving around at a cold place. But who said that we can´t dream a little?

Wonderful sunset tonight


We had the most wonderful sunset tonight, and even I was passenger in a car,  I had to take those photos. I am surprised that they are not totally shaken, but on the other hand they better stay small.

The framework of the pictures are made by the car and the speed in common, I just pressed the botton. 

Full moon tonight


moon3.jpg   moon4.jpg  moon-2.jpg 

Twilight time




In the night, anything can change to monsters, even a …