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February inspiration 26

full moon february 2013

Full moon tonight, – a very inspiring sight.

Eveninglight at boats

eveninglight at boats

“Can I borrow your camera for a moment” my son (17) asked some days ago….a little later he came back with the most amazing photos.
Next time it´s me asking “Would you like to borrow my camera?” I want to see more!

Wonderful darkness


One of the things I enjoy by staying here, is the absolute darkness at night. This has become a rare experience to get despite how basic it is. I am glad to have some men around me, to defend us against imaginary ghost, though.

Eveninglight – nightcolours

eveninglight 600X450

Full moon


December 5

Time for Julefrokost  or “Christmas-lunch” , directly translated. From this week-end untill two days after Christmas, every company, family, groups of any kind, will get together to have a nice lunch / dinner. I think I have to ask Wikipedia once more to explain in details.

In the week-ends, trains and busses will drive all night, to bring people safely home.

A goodnight sky

goodnight goodnight

Denmark, 22.06.2008, at 10 pm.

Service station

Gas station

Earth hour, no problem!



Who need light at all?