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Autumn 2010

For some time, I haven´t had time for blogging, but here I am back again, to join the new  assignment of Scott Thomas, this time with the subject Autumn. My intension is to post photos from the Copenhagen area, but for a beginning, I have made this collage. Autumn starts in September, and usualy it brings many nice motives to catch. When we have reached november, and cold days, the motives have been seen and the whole thing is beginning to be a bit depressing, and when we change clock into wintertime, and need to turn on the light at 3 or 4 o´clock, one start thinking of how to survive until spring. Blogging could be a way.
If you are interested in joining the assignment, please take a look at Scotts blog for futher information. Deadline is November 24, which shows that I am in very good time for once, – I think I have to thank Gerry for that. 😉

Click this for big size photo.

Would you like a banana?

During the second WW, we had no bananas. I say we, but actually I wasn´t born back then, and so I never learn how it feels to miss bananas. Of course one can learn some by listening to  “Yes,-we have no bananas”, and the Danish song “Når der kommer en båd med bananer” (When the boat with bananas will arrive, then…), but the fact that the feeling of missing something can stay in one´s mind for ever, even when the “problem” isn´t there anymore, was an experience that came to me, when my great grand mother  in 1989 turned 90 years. Her old friends and cousins were gathered in her little cosy flat, for the occation decorated with flowers and flags. Royal porcelain bowls were filled with delicate chocolates for the guests, and the finest crystal glasses had been taken out from dark cabinets, to be filled with sherry or liqueur. Everything was as  fine and special as we – her family – thought she would like. When the guests were nicely seated my great grandmother, (who btw was totally fresh)  asked them “Would you like a banana”? No doubt that this question surprised me, but I was even more surprised about the reaction from the guests, whom apparently found this offer absolutely relevant. Great grandmother knew best what would mark a day as special for her guests, and for herself. This was a good lesson for me.

I will leave you with the same question as my great grandmother, though this time not with  reference to privations, only to the joy of shapes and light.
Would you like a banana?
The first bananas -after the war – came to Denmark in may 1952.

Late summer collage


From top left to right:

1. A bit  of a yellow flower, some kind of weed I guess. It found it on a walk, while looking for things to photograph for the blog.
2. A withered hibiscus flower from the plant I have from my mother’s house.
3. This is a fossilized sea urchin, my sister found it when my father excavate for the basement, many years ago.
4. A feather I found in my garden.
5. A type of stone called Porfyr, wich can be found at the beach. This one is from our summer place in Jutland.
6. I found this tiny – and deserted –  wasps nest in my little barn, some years ago .  I made a post about it in 2008.
7. A green autumn leaf from  the garden.
8. My niece found this snail, and asked me to take some pictures of it. I made a post last year with the photos.
9. This is the fragile shell of a sea urchin,  my husband found it at a beach once.

I made this collage for my sister, who needed an illustration for a report  about the merge of 3 Danish museums: the Botanical, the Zoological and the Geological.  This explains the  choise of these photos; 3 for each museum. 🙂

Sweet Basil

Withered tulip mosaic – take 2

The first mosaic was perhaps a bit sad because of the big photo in the middle,showing a withered tulip. Hopefully this mosaic is less sad and more “pattern-like”.  Sunshine through the withered tulips, made the leaf structure come out more clearly, and a lot of new motives showed up.

A Pick-me-up reward

Once more Scott Thomas has completed his assignment, with a detailed recap mentioning all of us who were attempting. Well done! It is almost as interesting to read this, as it is to see the photos. You should definately have some kind of reward…how could this be made…

When I visited Scott´s blog yesterday, I red that he appreciated a good “pick-me-up” these days. Very well, i´ll make one for you. Here it is,  a mosaic of the increasing sunlight.

Thank´s for a fun assignment, – and the recap.

A little snow

Hortensia leaving

The Hortensia are a pleasure to watch, when it is leaving  for the winter. Much more colorful than any other time in it´s cycle.

(Belated happy Thanksgiving to my american blogfriends.)