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Driving through a tunnel

Stay safe, USA bloggers affected by “Sandy”.

Ordinary inspiration

Sometimes, when it seems like there isn´t anything to take pictures of, it’s time to open ones eyes a little bit more. Here is what I saw a rainy day, while waiting for summer to come:  A melon in a bowl with holes, a folded foil, a little puddle, a cherry stalk  and a pizza bag.

( Still waiting for summer …)

PS. If you need inspiration, take a look at this great blog


Sometimes, when there are absolutely nothing interesting  to take photos of, – and time enough to wonder about how that happened-, new subjects appear from out of nowhere. I enjoy these  moments of intensive attention.


Another apple came my way. Since I learned that some types of apples doesn´t provoke an allergic reaction, -at least not a big one-, I have got a new subject to study closer.  The apples are: Pink Lady, Santana and Elise, and here is the news about that (in Danish) . Pink Lady is available in almost any shop here in Denmark, I haven´t seen the two others. If by any means this news should show up to be wrong, I don´t mind, it works for me. Good taste, good photo subject, and no doctors in sight.

Autumn collage

Light and shadow

Withered tulip collage

Sunshine in pattern

Why not catch some of the sunshine while it is here, and keep it for dark winter days…?

Sunshine at a brick