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My rainy hometown

My intention was to find historical places a sunny day, but reality has often other plans. After a warm period, the weather has changed and is now as unreliable as it use to be. My contribution to Scotts assignment became a stack of wet and blurred photos, taken from the car. While it was running. I suppose you can call them snap shots, at least I was surprised to find some which could be used. I still have plans for going a sunny day, but who knows when that will be…more rain tomorrow. I´ll tell more about the buildings later.

I suppose you have heard about the beer Tuborg?  The old building seen from “Tuborgvej” (Tuborg-street).

We buy a lot of  rainwear in this country. Østerbrogade (East-bridge-street) is from 1647.

Eastport trainstation. (1897)

Near quay Langelinie,  The little mermaid is hiding behind the trees at left.

A short visit  from a giant. “MSC Poesia” at quay Langelinie.

A special place? (The little mermaid)

a special place?

I wonder if anyone would think of this humble place as host for a world famous tourist attraction…
Now that the famous little mermaid have been recognized, by Michaela and Wildblack, I will post a few more photos.


Take a good look at her, because soon she will go for a looong trip. Actualy she is going to China! You can find the mermaid in Shanghai from 1.5.2010 and the following 6 months, at Expo 2010

The little mermaid, Denmark  Langelinie, Denmark

Leaving the travelling mermaid.