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December 1

December already. I feel that I am making Christmas calender’s all the time. Perhaps because I didn´t post much this year, despite my intention to. Well, no time for complains, Christmas is a busy time, and I have to use my energy on the Nisser around me, to ensure nothing mysterious will happen in the house, or to the Christmas spirit. I will tell you all about how it turns out, hoping that no Nisse will change what I am writing. That type of Nisse is by the way called a “sætter-nisse”, in the days with type setting in lead, he mixed the types in the small boxes, when the typographer wasn´t looking. I suppose that knowing what I refere to, means having a certain age.

First thing to do is buying a calendar candle. I did that. Such an item is not easy to deal with, if bought too late, especially not the good quality candles that burns very slowly. It has to show the right date. Imagine all the creative ideas that comes to ones mind, when the candle haven´t been lit for 3 or 4 days. To fix this is a typical December job.

2017-11-29 14.32.58

December 2

nisser til salg

All kinds of “Nisser” waiting to be brought home from the shops they have invaded in great number at the moment.

December 1


December is a very busy month, – the least the first 24 days. Many important things has to be done in attempt to wake the Christmas spirit to life. Families with children have hopefully managed to find and bought one of the Christmas -calenders, which are corresponding with stories shown in TV. I have the calender attached to DR, Danish broadcasting, I wonder what today’s picture will be….

julekalende låge 1

…oh, a person on a bike. I wonder what that is all about, – the story will explain.

The money collected from the sale of this calender are used to help, this year by building schools and educate teachers in Ghana.

December 16

Every child has a calender with 24 small “doors” to open, one for every day in December until Christmas. There are of course many different types of calenders, but the most popular is the one connected to the daily episode of a Christmas story in TV.

Profit from the sale of this calender, called Børnenes U-landskalender 2011 (the children´s U land calender) is always used for supporting children in developing countries. This year the money goes to a project for children in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

I don´t have any calender to show you, instead I will show you a calender for grown ups, a kind of December lottery. Every day has a secret symbol hidden behind some gray “rubber”. If one gets the right numbers of santa claus or christmastrees or another symbol, a price has been won. At the 24, the result will show if this buy was an extraordinary good one, or just a paying to be entertained.

December 22

The count down candle with the 24 numbers,-[I wrote about it December 01]-, and the Christmas calender with or without chocolate, are both useful as time schedule for impatient children. But we have another very effective count down; the Danish television Christmas calender. Since 1960 and every year ever since, Danish television have produced a Christmas story in 24 parts, one for every day in December until Christmas. The story always includes nisser – of course 🙂

The story this year is called Nissernes ø ( Nissers island):
As the Danes in 1917 sold the Danish West Indies to the United States and went home, they forgot all their nisser. The nisser (at St. Croix) are having problems with the American Santa Claus, and they ask Nisser in Denmark for help.

After many years with TV Christmas calenders for children (that most parents watched too) we got one for grown ups too. This years calender was made in 1991, it is still very popular and we don´t mind seeing it again.