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December 5


Branches of spruce here, there and everywhere. Some of them almost alive…

December 4



People meet to make Christmas decorations and drink Gløg, a get-together called “Jule-stue” – “Christmas bazaar” according to Google Translation, but the direct translation will be something like “Christmas livingroom”. The guests expect an overdose of the famous Danish HYGGE – cozy feeling- , and lots of Nisser, cakes, coffee, candy and most likely Christmas music.

December 2

small Christmastree 17

Christmastree 2017

Christmas trees in different sizes are for sale around the streets, big and small, there are trees for everyone’s taste. Some years ago, I posted this photo, showing how the selection might be later in December.

Christmas tree special

Most Danish towns buy their own Christmas tree. It happens that the citizens doesn’t quite like the choice, like it happened in this city. 


December 1

December already. I feel that I am making Christmas calender’s all the time. Perhaps because I didn´t post much this year, despite my intention to. Well, no time for complains, Christmas is a busy time, and I have to use my energy on the Nisser around me, to ensure nothing mysterious will happen in the house, or to the Christmas spirit. I will tell you all about how it turns out, hoping that no Nisse will change what I am writing. That type of Nisse is by the way called a “sætter-nisse”, in the days with type setting in lead, he mixed the types in the small boxes, when the typographer wasn´t looking. I suppose that knowing what I refere to, means having a certain age.

First thing to do is buying a calendar candle. I did that. Such an item is not easy to deal with, if bought too late, especially not the good quality candles that burns very slowly. It has to show the right date. Imagine all the creative ideas that comes to ones mind, when the candle haven´t been lit for 3 or 4 days. To fix this is a typical December job.

2017-11-29 14.32.58

First snow and “hygge”

The temperature in Denmark is now so low, that the first snow came yesterday. With Sunset 7:51am. and sundown 15:51pm. it is time for practising the famous Danish “hygge” (cosy) which means being together in a warm and nice atmosphere. In wintertime this could be with something hot to drink, something sweet to eat, in candlelight.

Soon we will start serving GLØG for our guests, this is warm redwine with spices, raisins and almonds,-and sweet christmas biscuits/cookies. I will show you later.