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An unexpected guest

cat buffet

“While the cat´s away, the mouse will play at the table” is a Danish saying. I don´t know how you say this in english, but I guess that this is a world wide phenomenon.
While the guests at my brothers birthday party were talking, the neighbor cat came sneaking, to see if there were something delicious at the table….I had to laugh at those legs 🙂

Flying flowers


A closer look


Happy Barbie-day


Except for some unauthorized haircuts, made by my younger sisters long time ago, my Barbie has survived decades quite well, and she can celebrate  not only her 50 years birthday, but also that she now looks younger than her owner! (I´m not convinced that lie in a box for years is fair game…)

Being the spectator

kayak rull training

I think I can imagine how my blog friend Mrs. Uhdd was feeling, when she wrote about her husband climbing in the mountains.
This photo is showing my husband enjoying himself, practicing kayak rull. In the beginning, I didn´t know that it is possible to remove the “cover” (which prevent water to come in, and therefor are locking you to the kayak) if the turn around doesn´t work.  And it doesn´t  in the beginning…



Time for posting a photo as entry to Scott Thomas assignment. 
This time the subject is storytelling.  In the first place, I will let the photo speak for itself, in my next post I will take over.



Tulip light


Snow again. I´ll  turn my tulip lamp on.

Happy Valentine day

blue snow

Not much red and hearts to see in this picture, but Valentine day is still not realy a Danish tradition, even it is close to be. If my husbond should come home with a Valentine gift today, I will change my assessment  🙂 .