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Would you like a banana?

During the second WW, we had no bananas. I say we, but actually I wasn´t born back then, and so I never learn how it feels to miss bananas. Of course one can learn some by listening to  “Yes,-we have no bananas”, and the Danish song “Når der kommer en båd med bananer” (When the boat with bananas will arrive, then…), but the fact that the feeling of missing something can stay in one´s mind for ever, even when the “problem” isn´t there anymore, was an experience that came to me, when my great grand mother  in 1989 turned 90 years. Her old friends and cousins were gathered in her little cosy flat, for the occation decorated with flowers and flags. Royal porcelain bowls were filled with delicate chocolates for the guests, and the finest crystal glasses had been taken out from dark cabinets, to be filled with sherry or liqueur. Everything was as  fine and special as we – her family – thought she would like. When the guests were nicely seated my great grandmother, (who btw was totally fresh)  asked them “Would you like a banana”? No doubt that this question surprised me, but I was even more surprised about the reaction from the guests, whom apparently found this offer absolutely relevant. Great grandmother knew best what would mark a day as special for her guests, and for herself. This was a good lesson for me.

I will leave you with the same question as my great grandmother, though this time not with  reference to privations, only to the joy of shapes and light.
Would you like a banana?
The first bananas -after the war – came to Denmark in may 1952.

Ninus is 8 years today

One more birthday to celebrate, today with a carrot. The rabbit turned 8 years today. Apparently a rabbit with a good health. We bought it for my son, but he is grown up now, and my husband has taken over many years ago. I did suggest him to tell at his office, that he had to leave early because of his rabbits birthday, and he did. Tell about it, – leaving early is not an option these days, when everyone is getting back from their vaccations. But they had a good laugh. They thought it was for fun… 😉

Cold bowl news

Cold bowl shopping.
Perhaps you have read my previous post about the Danish summer dish Kærnemælkskoldskål (Buttermilk cold bowl), of which we Danes are crazy about in the summertime. You might have seen my enthusiastic description as a bit overdone,  wich I can´t blame you, but let me  pass you some “Cold bowl” news, that I believe will remove any doubt of the importance of this dish.
The Danish football team have just been send 75 l of koldskål, all the way from Denmark  to South Africa, to help them get fit for the final fight  tomorrow (thursday) . Did this convince you?  Or do you need one more “Cold bowl” news to believe me? Well OK, the following should do it, at least it convinced me! 
A supermarket was robbed, the thief stole -not only all their money, but also – 1 liter of  Cold bowl. (Kærnemælkskoldskål.)
You need a recipe now, I guess.
Kærnemælks koldskål. (Buttermilk cold bowl)
 2 liter of Buttermilk
3-4 eggs
75 gram sugar
vanilla (½
1 lemon
1 dl. cream
Whip the eggs (for  a long time) with the sugar, then add  buttermilk. Make it taste as you prefer by adding vanilla and lemon. Finally add 1 dl. of whipped cream.  Use any kind of sweet biscuit if you accidentally doesn’t have any kammer junkere.

Sunday drive

We went for a sunday drive, and as usual I took a lot of photos from the car while my husband were driving. We can´t stop every time I see a motive, so I have developed a routine in taking these car photos: whenever the car stops for red light, or of other reasons, I am ready to shoot. The camera is set for “sport” , wich is exactly how it feels having  to catch the motive so fast. My son has followed me in this, wich means that my husband now has two engaged photographers hanging out of the window every time the car slow down. Many times he try to make it clear, that his job as the driver necessarily must have top priority, but a true photographer are not receptive of that kind of objections, if a motive is in sight.

The other day, the evening sunlight was special, and I wanted to take some photos.  We were driving at a road without any traffic lights. No cars in front were slowing us down. No chance of capturing the warm colors…
I managed to make my husband stop the car, just for a short moment. While I was happily looking for a motive, my husband stood thinking, probably about how long he had to wait for me.

I found my motive.

Birdmade stilleben

My birds are very creative, they made this little artwork for me today.  I´m not sure if the bird placed the leaf, though. Maybe I should credit the wind too.

Happy Valentine´s day


This sign always make me wish to know which demands it is suppose to meet.  Man or bird… I promise to read it next time I´m there.

We all have to economize…

halow2 536X800

Even ghosts are clearly suffering under the financial crisis…

Happy halloween!

Little red bus waiting for you…

city sight seeing bus Copenhagen