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December 9

nisse with blue hat kopi


Sunshine on hazelnuts

hazelnuts kopi

Art on the floor

Tulip leaves on the floor kopi

Something is lying on the floor…what is is….oh, it´s a little piece of art.

Tulip leave 14s

February inspiration 20

feets 480

December 12

3 nisser

Nisse dolls in the nisse village are being studied by a girl. Or is it opposite?

December 9

christmastree for sale

“Christmas trees for sale”. I suspect this tree to work on getting more space to it self.

Squirrel for tea

An unexpected guest for tea and  scones. Well, this is not really a scone, rather a soft roll, – but I think my guest had other worries.

(These photos are taken through the window with 2 layers of old glass. Just to explain the photo quality.)

A sign without much effect.

“Henstillen af cykler udenfor stativerne forbudt”  If you don´t understand what this means, don´t worry, obviously no one does. (If you must know, it means something like : it is forbidden to place your bike outside the stand.)

Any hazelnuts?

…Hazelnuts?  Oh, you mean these little…hmnn…no, I haven´t seen any…..



Si usted ha leído en “Viajes a dinamarca”, lo siento, pero no hay osos pardos aqui, no hay zorrilla, tambien no hay morsas y las ballenas. hay lobos, pero no tantos. El animal de la foto es un ardilla.